FoodGeek is back to introduce new iPhone products that you lack. How frustrating is it to see your brand new iPhone replete with scratches and fingerprint smudges? Mere thought of it grosses me out. So I thought to myself, “Why not turn to AccessoryGeeks for a help”? They helped me out before and I’m certain that they can help me out now. I shared this problem with those GeniusGeeks and they immediately made my problem theirs’. After intensive research, they came up with a perfect solution for me.  What I really needed were screen protectors! Just in case I’m looking for additional function aside from just protection, they went beyond to recommend other two kinds of screen protectors for me; mirror finish screen and privacy protectors. These amazing products ought to be heard!

iPhone Screen Protector is the way to go. This crystal clear screen protector protects your iPhone from scratches, scrapes and abrasion. It also resists fingerprint smudges and prevents glare by absorbing the light. It is unbelievably easy to install that even my 5 year old cousin can do it. All you have to do is peel and stick. Oh, but you might want to clean your screen before installing it. Moreover, this screen protector comes with an additional protector to prevent accidental scratches from developing on your iPhone’s chrome backing.  This screen protector and the two following types are all pre-cut to fit the dimensions of your screen.

For all you pretty ladies out there, you can now check up on how amazing you look without seeming so narcissistic and self-conscious. That’s right. We know when you are checking yourself out through your mirror. You do it so conspicuously. You can now furtively delight yourself in your beautiful look with this innovative product. Next time you want to check if you got something stuck in your teeth before approaching your potential boyfriend, use this mirror finished screen protector to prevent any possible embarrassments.

It’s so annoying when you are in public area surrounded by throngs of people and you just don’t seem to be getting enough, or any kind of privacy! For all you agoraphobics, fear of public space is one thing and your only means of alleviation, which is to get lost in your own world in your iPhone, seems to be intruded by a complete stranger next to you who’s taking too much interest in what you are doing with your iPhone. Oh, heck no! I’m thinking “Geez, can you just let me finish texting my girlfriend privately!? Oh and so what if I’m watching Kim Yuna’s figure skating? What? Guys can’t watch figure skating? Please don’t give me that look!” Well, people! We already have enough stress of our own and we don’t need to add any more unnecessary stress to our lives. Just simply install this privacy screen protector and no one will dare to intrude your privacy, even in public spaces. Problem solved.

Well Geeks, I hope this gave you some ideas to solve some of your daily problems. It sure did for me! Thank you, AccessoryGeeks! Farewell until next time!