Q: What is a Silicone Case, Rubber Skin?

A: A Silicone Case, Rubber Skin is a silicone type material which has been molded to a certain phone’s shape. It helps protect phones from scratches; helps absorb impacts on drops, and everyday usage.

Q: What are there any differences in Silicone Cases, Rubber Skin?
A: For Silicone cases, Rubber skin there is no difference in them except the various colors the silicone cases come in. However, iPod silicone cases, Apple iPhone 3G silicone cases and iPhone silicone cases have a difference due to their touch-screen and click wheel function.

Q: How are iPod silicone cases, Apple iPhone 3G, and iPhone silicone cases different than the cell phone ones?
A: They are different because of the Apple iPhone 3G’s and iPhone’s touch screen capability and the iPod’s click wheel function. In order for those devices to be functional while being protected by the silicone cases, the silicone cases cannot cover the area where the touch screen and click wheel are at. Like the pictures below, the iPhone silicone case is mostly installed to protect the back and the side of the device.

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Cell phone Silicone Case, Rubber Skin

  • Offers protection for phone
  • Built from stretchy, silicone material
  • Easily installed – just stretch silicone around phone
  • Full functionality with silicone protecting phone
  • Comes in various solid and transparent colors

Cell phone Silicone cases, rubber skin are built with stretch, silicone type material thus proving that it is to put it to use. All there is to do is to just stretch the silicone case around the phone. Unlike plastic cases, Silicone cases can be easily switched by, again, stretching the silicone case off. Silicone cases also help to get a better grip on cell phones so it won’t slip as easily. Silicone cases don’t come with any extra functions like belt clips or armbands for cell phones

Apple iPod, iPhone / 3G iPhone & MP3 Silicone Cases, rubber skin

  • Custom case for certain model MP3 player
  • Custom unique design to protect MP3 player
  • No tools required – just slip it on MP3 player
  • Full functionality with silicone case protection
  • Built from silicone type material
  • Comes in various solid and transparent colors

MP3 and iPod silicone cases on the other hand serves the same purpose, but has a function which cell phone silicones don’t have. Most silicone cases, rubber skin for Apple iPods, Apple iPhone and other MP3 players have two slits on the back on the back cut out for an armband. The provided slits on the back allow users to strap in an armband and then strapping the armband around their arm thus they are able to work-out, run, work or anything while busy doing other things. Some silicone cases, rubber skin comes with a armband, belt clip and hand strap. Like said, a MP3 silicone case, rubber skin also protects the MP3 player or iPhone from scratches, dust and helps absorb some of the impact from drops.