Hello Geeks! Today I would like to introduce my top 5 BlackBerry accessories. While there are many different kinds of BlackBerry accessories available, these following items are one my top picks for your BlackBerry. They are cases, car chargers, screen protectors, batteries (spare and extended,) and docks.

Are you afraid of accidentally dropping and scratching your BlackBerry? This BlackBerry Bold Leather Case provides much needed protection for your Blackberry Tour, helping to prevent bumps and scratches while maintaining a smart and professional appearance.  The case’s vertical layout and magnetic closure, allows easy access to your phone from where ever you have the holster clipped to.  Finally, this is a genuine Blackberry product, as the BlackBerry logo is embedded into the case.

If you are the type who is always on the go, your mobile phone is essential to staying connected. A car charger allows you to use your phone on the road without sacrificing battery life.  These short charging intervals (or power-snacking) allow you to maximize your phone’s precious battery life.  The Micro USB Charger has an integrated overcharging prevention I/C that will prevent potential battery  damage/explosions that occur may occur of a battery is overcharged. This car usb charger also can be used with any cell phone that has a micro USB charging port(e.g. HTC, Motorola, LG, Kyocera, Samsung phones.)

You can now protect your LCD screen against scratches and abrasion with this Blackberry Bold screen protector.  Every screen protector is pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your phones screen, ensuring a seamless finish. Also, these screen protectors absorb light to help prevent glare. What if you want to remove your screen protector? Are you worried that the screen protector will cause your phones screen to become dirty or sticky? No need to worry! This screen protector is easily removable and does not leave any residue.  This package includes one screen protector along with a cleaning cloth.

We all have to be prepared for those unexpected emergencies. They happen to best of us. We have all been in a situation where our phone runs out of battery and don’t have a charger.  Even if we do, many times there are no power outlets to plug the charger into! What do you do then? In these situations, it is extremely beneficial to have a spare cell phone battery.  Accessory geeks offers the BlackBerry Bold Battery.  This Lithium-ion battery has a 1550 mAh battery capacity and comes in the original Blackberry retail packaging.  Swapping out batteries is simple, as the battery housing is easily accessible by removing the phone’s battery door.

This Blackberry Bold cradle provides the most convenient, organized and robust charging solution for your Blackberry.  The charging cradle provides a professional looking setup by removing desktop clutter and providing a centralized location for charging and data synchronization for your Blackberry.  This dock enables you to charge your phone while positioning the phone in an upright position.  This allows you to comfortably access emails, media and web content while the phone charges on your desk.

Well, Geeks. Next time you are shopping for BlackBerry Accessories, think AccessoryGeeks. I hope this Guide to Top 5 Best Selling BlackBerry Accessories has provided you with some ideas for your next BlackBerry accessory shopping experience. See you next time, Geeks!