Hello fellow geeks! FoodGeek is back! I am pretty sure we’ve all been in an episode where you wake up in the morning and jump out of the bed to get to work on time. You pack your wallet, car key, and a cell phone. Then you finally get to work only to realize that you forgot to charge your phone last night. Your cell phone battery bar is low and you are about to have a panic attack from the anxiety that you will miss an important phone call of the day. There’s no place to plug in a charger, and besides, you don’t have time to hang around while the battery recharges. If this has ever happened to you, then I strongly recommend a Universal Cell Phone Battery Charger.

This innovative product is essentially a travel charger for all types of cell phone batteries such as cell phone and digital camera batteries. Its adjustable contacts work for virtually every type of cell phone battery. It even works for batteries with more than 2 contacts! Can you believe this? Furthermore, you can even use it as an adapter with your iPod chargers! It has LED charge indicators that display Power, Charging, and Full Charge Status. Would it be burdensome to carry with you in case of emergency? Well, you don’t have to worry. It has folding plug for compact travel. There is no need for long, elaborate words. This charger simply is the best backup travel charger for all your phones! Don’t let the anxiety of an uncharged phone take control over your life anymore. When you are equipped with this groundbreaking technology, there is no need to worry about finding the proper cell phone charger for your phone in any emergency!