What`s up Geeks, JchunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com, and today I’m going to give a product review of Universal Portable Cell phone silicone Suction Ball stand holder in Green.

We do have this available in different colors, we even have a 7pack which include one of each colors. And it’s actually a lot cheaper than purchasing each one individually.

What I like about it that it is universal, you can use it for your phone and even for the smaller size table, it works for that as well. But for cell phone, you can use it horizontally and vertically as you can see in some of the picture that we have here. Works awesome like that. Because sometime, some stand only designed to works horizontally or use to make a view vertically. This one you can use it for both. And the suction is really good so it doesn’t fall of your phone easily or anything like that. And the pull part of it are made of really durable silicone so it will not break or mushy, anything like that.

We have one available in different colors, so if you want to accommodate almost everyone. I know one of the geeks here has the green one and he is a huge android fan and matches all his android little figurines and stuffs, matches his personality in the end.

It’s great for a gift, maybe for your office, people, maybe fun for a gift bag, everyone has a cell phone nowadays and again it is universal so you don’t have to worry about it, fitting the right phone or anything like that.

We do have a video for you guys to check out to give you a better idea how it works and some visual aid on that. So again you can see all the available colors we have here. We do have the 7 pack located here on the right hand corner for you guys to purchase to. Really great deal I think the 7 pack is like the best deal. It’s like if you purchase 3 of this In any way you could have gotten all 7 colors but that’s just my opinion.

Great purchase, again it would not work if you have a silicone case on your phone, the suctions will not work on that, so keep in mind, it works on regular suction, anything that has a gloss texture or plastic case. It will work only if you have a plastic case on your phone, it will work if you have a crystal silicone case on your phone, it may not work the rubberized plastic cases, any type of texturized back, so if the back of your case has some sort of texture, its not going to work. So please keep that in mind.

As you could see here, this one is just the regular I phone 3Gs case, but we have other item pictured like iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 so anything like that.
If you guys have any questions whether it’s going to work for your phone, don’t hesitate to give us a call, don’t hesitate to live chat with us, we are here to help you guys, so let us know.

And thanks for tuning in, and remember you got it from a geek.

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