Hey Geeks! After having a chipotle burrito, a plate of shrimp linguini, and a chocolate brownie, I finally decided to go jogging. Not that I need to lose any weight, but I plan on getting my six-pack by the end of this month to impress someone very special. Anyways, I am pretty sure most of you geeks can relate with me on this. If you are a beginner, listening to music while running plays a crucial part in keeping you focused. Without listening to music, I can barely run a mile. It’s not because I get physically tired, but I become unbelievably bored! With music however, I finished two marathons with ease minus the physical agony. Oops, I went off topic again. Forgive me as I am still having a food coma. My point is that all you enthusiastic runners out there deserve to get yourselves an innovative earphone that provides optimal athletic features while improving sound qualities and comfort. With this in mind, I can safely assume that at some point in your running career, you have encountered some discomforts and difficulties with your earphones. For instance, let me share my marathon experience. Like I mentioned earlier, I had my earphones on the whole time. I was running strenuously up the hill before I was interrupted by my earphones slipping out of my ear. The first time was okay, but I became distracting when it happened over and over again throughout the race. On top of sweat dripping down my ear and drenching my earphone, all the parade music playing outside was adding an unwanted soundtrack to my music! Eventually my ear was hurting since the plastic earphone was constantly moving up and down during the race. Just a thought of it makes me wonder whether or not if I want to go through that annoying process again. However, as an avid runner I decided to do some research to look for accessories that can eliminate my aforementioned discomforts. It was simple. I went on to AccessoryGeeks.com tofind the one I was direly searching for!

BurtonTechnologies Acoustibuds Earphone/Bluetooth Earbuds Covers drastically improve your MP3 experience in every single aspect! Acoustibuds are engineered to improve your listening pleasure. Flexible Fins and a Twin Cone Core feature improve sound isolation and minimize unwanted sound impedance inside your ear. The flexible fins create multiple reflective sound barriers for superior sound isolation while holding the earphone securely in position. This feature boosts the bass level, and allows you to play your music at lower volumes while inhibiting outside noise. The twin cone core gradually channels the sound wave into the ear. The first cone guides the sound wave from the relatively large speakers to a transition point inside the ear. The second cone is shaped like a miniature megaphone to both amplify and gradually transition the sound wave into the ear while directing it down the ear canal. By eliminating abrupt changes in area and direction along the path of the sound wave, improved high fidelity is achieved with enriched middle and upper range frequencies. In addition to enhancing sound quality, it provides excellent comfort. Long periods of earphone usage can cause minor irritation or soreness around your ear. This cover will eliminate those discomforts as its flexible fins are designed to match the contours of your ear. Better yet, these flexible fins also prevent your earphones from slipping out during strenuous exercise.  Sweat is usually the main factor that causes your earphones to slip out of your ears during exercise. These spaced fins filter out sweat and furthermore, prevent potential water damage. These ear covers are also compatible with some Bluetooth headsets. One package comes with 3 pairs of different sized earbud covers, ensuring that you will find the perfect fit!

Only if I were aware of its existence before, my marathon experience would definitely have been more memorable, in a good way, of course. This earphone cover helped change my mind about never attempting to run a marathon again. With these, I can definitely give it another shot. Marathon #3, here I come!