Hey guys, Gamer Geek here with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos and in front of me I have the universal pry tools for plastic cases and face plates. Unfortunately it only comes in blue. We used to have a lot of different colors before but now we are sticking with the blue one. So what is the use of this item? If you can see really, really in fine detail this is kind of like an edge over here, it has a little slit and what it does is it actually helps you pry the plastic case open without hurting your phone inside. So this is a phone that one of the geeks and it has a case with the double type of – enclosing the front and the back. What you want to do is use that edge, find an opening, and then slide it through and then pry it open. This way your phone won’t get hurt and the case won’t get hurt. It’s so easy to open it – I can show you again real quick – find an opening and slide it in and pry it open. This will also work with the cases with the back piece only. So you just slide it in. Like let’s say this is the back piece, slide it in this way and pry it open and tap. A really mystical device, this is $4.99 at accessorygeeks.com and don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually have free shipping within US and Canada, take advantage of that, and also take advantage of the coupon codes that are distributed around accessorygeeks.com. Check it out, the link’s just down below, make sure you look around for this nifty little pry tool. This is Gamer Geek — you got it from a geek.