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Greetings Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and today I’m excited to review this kickstand case and holster for the Samsung Galaxy S3 made by PureGear.

Let’s go over the basic functions of this case and holster. Starting with the case. This is a hard plastic case and it is rubberized. Which means that it has a coating of soft rubber but is not made completely of rubber. This is a single piece case that snaps on to your phone and leaves the top and bottom edges of your phone are left exposed a bit as you can see here.

On the back of the case, there is also a stand. This is a great bonus feature. There are a couple of components that I like about this stand. The first, PureGear left a bit of space for you to pull the stand out. Some companies don’t leave a space and it makes getting the stand out very frustrating. I play guitar, so I keep my nails pretty short, and getting those difficult stands out makes me want to throw my phone. However, PureGear saved me the headache. The second component I really like is that once the stand is out, it can be positioned however you like. Some stands only work at one angle but this stand can accommodate whatever angle you prefer.

The holster portion of this case is just as awesome as the case. It is sturdy and obviously cradles the S3 quite snug within the case. You cannot put your phone in with the screen facing out though. It will not fit in the holster. You can flip the phone around and slide it in this way, but even this way, it doesn’t fit perfectly, so I suggest keeping it the right way.

The clip on the holster rotates 45 degrees to the left and to the right. This allows you to adjust the holster on your belt or bag to the perfect position.

I have reviewed a lot of other case/holster combo’s before but I will say that this one feels the sturdiest out of all of them. Overall, the case and holster feel much stronger and durable than the others. This is a bit more expensive than those other case/holster combo’s but you are not compromising protection or durability with this case.

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