Hey there geeks. Marvel Geek here again with Accessory Geeks.com. This time bringing you this mysterious looking product here, I don’t know if you have been around you probably have seen something like this before. This is similar to what we like to call the brick one of the original retro 80′s cell phones actually designed for the iPhone now. Look at that so this is all retro 80′s hard case for the iPhone. It is available for the iPhone 3S, the iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S so for all of you out there and you can see here you get the iPhone inside. It is a really cool gift you know one of those you know kind of like gag or cool gifts to give someone maybe with their case in there or if you really just like that feel you know the grip on it in your hand that is definitely really cool to have and of course you can use your phone and everything like that. You can adjust all the settings and everything is really neat you know or if you just want to play a joke on someone or you keep one of those you know silly kind of gifts. It’s a really cool product. When especially I mean I’m not old enough, but I definitely think that people would recognize it and take a double take if you had something like this. We and my dad used to have something similar to what we would call the brick and that is pretty much our Retro 80′s case for the iPhone 3, 4 and 4S available at AccessoryGeeks.com so feel free to take a look and remember you got it from a geek!