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Hello and welcome! This is our first Geek Round Table discussion. Today we are going to be talking about the new Apple iPad Mini. Giving our take and discussing a few key topics about it.

This holiday season, which tablet would you buy? The Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7, or iPad Mini? So let’s start with Jay.

Do we have to buy one?

Yeah. You have to buy one. Someone is saying you have to buy it. They are not providing you with money but they are saying that I’m going to hold this gun in your back, you’re walking into Best Buy, buy something now.

I would have to go with the iPad Mini. Being used to it and the ecosystem. Yeah.


I’d probably get the Nexus 7. I think there is one coming that is 32 GB and at the same price point of $250.

Didn’t you see the screen? It’s 2 times more on the iPad Mini!

But it’s half the pixel density. The iPad Mini doesn’t beat what I have.

But what did you have problems with when you first got the Nexus 7?

That’s why I returned it.

You know the Nexus 7 is a really good product. Even it has the quad core CPU.

Yeah, it’s really high powered. Higher pixel density, quad core, just doesn’t have the back camera, that’s the only tech differential.

It’s just the apps aren’t optimized that’s making problems right now.

Nexus 7 doesn’t have cellular data plan.

Well, personally I don’t really care about a cellular data plan on tablets because, if I have a tablet, I already have my smartphone. And if I have a smartphone then I will always rather use the data through the phone.

But you know these days, AT&T and Verizon offer a data share plan.

That’s why you go with T-mobile.

I did hear there is a Nexus press conference next week and there might be a HSPA+ version of the Nexus 7 so there will be some time for them to counter. I think that will be pretty interesting. So Sean, which tablet would you buy this holiday season?

I don’t like their price point but I will go for the iPad Mini.

So they got you. The Apple secret sauce. They so got you. Isaac?

Yeah, I would go for the iPad Mini cause OS is a big thing. I think if I have to buy I think it will be similar to the 4 but actually I want to wait for the next version cause it might come with a retina display.

Yeah, that would be the only thing. Yeah, I’m a big Android fan. I don’t own a single Apple product but…oh. I do own an iPod Nano but I don’t own an expensive Apple product. But even I would choose iPad Mini. I think what it is is for me it’s a different experience. We talked about it earlier but you want your tablet to provide an experience that you can’t get on your computer or your phone. And I think that definitely does it for me.

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