Hey what’s up guys this is JchunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to do a product review for the Samsung convoy U640 Holster with Swivel Belt clip in Black.

I don’t know what it is about this item, but this thing sells like hot cake. So if you’re looking to purchase a high quantity, you should purchase it today, we always offer you a free shipping so take advantage of that. So a lot of company purchase it for Samsung Convoy U640 as a company phone, that’s just me assuming. But we tend to get huge orders for this and I think it’s because it’s at a pretty good price with free shipping and it’s a really simple item, its plastic, made of durable plastic. It has the swivel belt clip. It has the easy release tab here. So you just click your phone in, so if you want to use it just hold down this tab, releases the phone so that you could do the quick release.

So you could see here, some different angles of it. But be aware that it will not work if you have a case on your Samsung convoy, just going to fit the phone naked. And it’s the only way the product will work. Hopefully that information will help.

Under description, again it is made of ABS construction so basically ABS is a more durable plastic rather than some other holster you have found. No tools required, you just snap it and go, very simple to use. Again only compatible for the Samsung convoy U640 and we don’t have any reviews yet we sold a lot, so would love to know what you guys think if you already purchase this item or if you guys consider purchasing it, of course I recommend this. It sells a lot all the time, sometime we didn’t get it. So definitely purchase this as soon as possible and take advantage of free shipping.
We do have different shipping method available if you do need it faster. We are always available for you guys, every Monday to Friday, 8Am to 4pm PST, we do located in California so please keep that in mind. We also could reach by live chat or email if we are not here. Here is our phone number at the top here and we are always here to help.

So thanks for tuning in, and remember you got it from a geek

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