Hey guys.
Julian with AccessoryGeeks.com here with
the Samsung Droid Charge, what we are going
to go over is a product video today, looking at a Screen Protector for the Samsung Droid Charge.

The Droid Charge has an amazing Super AMOLED
Plus Screen 4.3 inch touch screen display with Gorilla Glass protecting it. Now you might say well this has Gorilla
Glass so why do I need a screen protector. Well I speak from personal experience when I say that Gorilla glass can be scratched.

I have a Samsung Epic and it has developed a hairline scratch. So to protect against that you
should get a screen protector.

So what we’re going to do is go through
a how to video on how to install a screen protector. So in the package you get a clean cloth, the screen protector of course and a little squeegee.

So step one, make sure the screen
is completely free of dust or dirt or oil or anything nasty.
So I like to use some lens cleaning fluid and spray it on and then use the included cloth to remove any dust or dirt. And this is probably one of the most crucial steps because this is how things can get trapped under your screen protector
and then you have to get a new one unfortunately.

So after you have a nice clean screen, you want to apply its screen protector. The screen protector is marked
on both sides with numbers. Here’s side one and side two. So this makes insulation very simple. So you start with side one and you remove
it and then apply it to the phone.

So the charge with its shield like shape
makes it so that you have to go from the bottom to make sure everything lines up. So you want to slowly make sure everything is lined up and slowly start up on pulling it and then remove the rest of the screen
protector as you push it on. Now here’s where you want to
ease out any air bubbles. So simply just push them
up into the corners. You can use a squeegee, you can use a credit card, and you can even use your fingers if that works a little better. Make sure every last bubble
is out of there.

Once that’s done you can remove side two.
Do this slowly, make sure you don’t
remove the screen protector itself and viola, you can make a final pass this time with the micro fiber cloth to remove any other air bubbles that might still be there. Remember push into the cornersinto the top and your done.

You have a nice screen protector covering
your awesome super AMOLED plus display. So stay tuned for some more videos, more product videos and remember that you got it from a geek.