Hey what’s up guys? Hope everyone is having a wonderful day to you today, this is JChunGeek with the AccessoryGeek.com here to give you another product review for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch Anti-Glare Screen Protectors.

The Samsung Epic 4G Touch also goes by the Galaxy S2 available for Sprint, so please make sure you have the Sprint Galaxy S2 version and it will also be compatible with the official name for the phone is the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. I know that’s a bit confusing because on the back of the phone it will state Samsung Galaxy S2, on our website anything that stated under the Samsung Epic 4G Touch is going to be compatible for the Sprint version of the Galaxy S2, just to clear that up, because that is one of the main question that we get, the most common type of confusion that we get, so please make sure of that, let’s get this with the screen protector. this item is come with one, if you are wondering how many that come, it’s just one on the package, and it comes with everything that you need, it comes with the micro fiber cleaning card to remove all the dust from your screen, and also it is special main cloth that prevent any scratch from your LCD touch screen, so you obviously don’t want to scratch it up, it comes with that.

There’s an instruction in there, in front and back, the sticker, it’s kind of like a protector for your screen protectors, so you just removed the first layer, the one label says one, you stick in your phone and then there’s another tab and then you remove that, once you fully apply your screen protector on the screen.

So we do have a helpful video, so subscribe us on the Youtube channel if you haven’t already, and that is AccessoryGeeks on youtube, and it’s going to help you, kind of give you some advice, and some visual aid on how to apply that, but the anti-glare screen protector is kind of has a different type of feel to it, it’s not kind of map that you have, I don’t know if you guys has purchase one before, or maybe you purchase a regular clear screen protector, the regular clear one is kind of having a slippery glossy feeling to it, or worse than that it got a different feeling to that.

It has that feel because it deflects the sun rays and the glare, so that’s why it has a different feel, but it doesn’t change the look of your screen at all, you are still be able to see it crystal clear as if you have the regular clear one, so if you are in the sun a lot, if you work outside a lot, and if you are looking for an anti-glare screen protector, this probably what you are looking for, and It is a really good purchase because not only it does deflect the sun rays and glare, but it also protect your screen at the same time.

So if you keep your phone with some case, or some sharp objects like that, it definitely will protect your screen from that.

So definitely recommend this product for you if you’re looking for some anti-glare, we also do have. Just a regular clear screen protector, or even like a mirror effect, so we also have those, if you want to check that out, of course you want to keep your entire phone protected as well, the back cover at least we do have plastic covers you may want to check that as well.

Alright guys, thanks for tuning in, if you guys have any question, you can always sent us an email us or contact us right here, live chat, contact us at this phone number, we are here from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, give us a call and let me know what you guys think, we do have a review section here for you guys leave us a review, so we know what everyone else think about it, hope to hear from you guys. thanks for tuning in, and remember guys, you got it from a Geek.

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