Yo what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vertical Leather Pouch with Magnetic Closure and Belt Clip in black.

So, this particular pouch is compatible for one of those screens as large as a Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and it is the vertical leather pouch and we do have the horizontal one as well if you wanted the horizontal and we do have it available in different colors so you guys could search for that here on the right hand column.

This particular one is apparently out of stock but it should be coming in in just a few days here. Just doing the video for this to let you guys know more about the item. Again, it is a leather pouch, it’s got a leather texture to it and a belt clip. It’s got a hidden magnetic closure. As you can see here, you won’t see any buttons for the magnetic closure. It’s actually built inside and it’s actually pretty cool just because it’s, you know, when you’re not using your phone and you have it in there, it stays inside securely so if you’re kind of like bend over or something like that, it won’t fall out of the pouch. But if you do need to access your phone, you are able to remove it with ease. Don’t have to struggle too hard to get that phone out of there as if you were with the velcro type closure. So that’s neat.

As you could see, this one, it fits without a case on there but I think it would fit if you have like a really thin sort of plastic case but it won’t fit if you have any type of silicone rubber case. It’s actually going to be a little tough to take in and out of the pouch and might not just have that good of a fit so do keep that in mind as well.

I guess this is one of our more popular pouches and that’s why it’s sold out at the moment but again, we should be bringing it back shortly. And black, it is in the color black which you can’t really go wrong with. It does match with everything so if you’re a business man who wears suits all the time and kind of worrying if it matches or not and don’t want a red pouch, think that’s why they made it in black. That’s also why it’s one of our best sellers. And if you guys have a different phone model than a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we do have the dimensions of the pouch here for you guys to check out. Maybe you guys can measure your cellphone to see if it will fit and maybe you want to see if it’ll fit your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with the current case you have on there but definitely know that it won’t fit with any Otterbox or Trident case on there.

Okay so, it’s a really simple type of leather pouch. It’s really good for it’s price. It’s a good investment. It does last quite some time. It’s made really durable. The belt clip, as you can see here, it is fixed and the stitching and the quality is really good.

Let us know what you guys think and leave us a review here. I would greatly appreciate that. Alright guys, thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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