Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Samsung Galaxy Prevail M820 holster with swivel belt clip in black.
This is your basic holster. I must warn you that this case, that this holster will not work if you have any sort of case, silicone case, plastic case, on your Samsung Galaxy Prevail. It's actually made and specifically designed for the naked phone, nothing on it. Even if you have like a sort of thick screen guard or protector that goes all around the phone, it's not going to fit it because it's specifically designed to clip into, for the phone to clip into the holster.
Basic type of holster. It allows you to just clip it onto your belt so you have easy access to your phone if you need to reach for calls or anything like that. It does swivel so if you're looking for the swivel type, it does rotate, I believe, 360 degrees.
Compatibility again is for the Samsung Galaxy Prevail M820.
Here's some close up pictures of it. And it's going to snap, it depends how the holster is made, it can snap in, the face in or face out. This one looks like a face in type holster. So this tab right in the middle, it's actually the easy release button. You just clip the phone into there and whenever you want to use it for any reason, you just push this button down and the phone should pop right out. Not completely out but easy enough for you to take out of the holster.
But again, this is made of pretty strong plastic. We do have stronger ones available so if you're pretty rough with the case, with the holster on the phone, or you work in a construction area or something like that, I would not recommend this. It might not last as long as you would like it to so definitely go with one of the more heavy duty type holsters.
This one again is just for everyday use if, ladies, you want to clip it to your purse or also your belt clip or briefcase or anything like that, this will get the job done.
Alright guys. Hope my video has been helpful and thanks for tuning in and remember, you got it from a geek.

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