Hey guys, SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com here with a quick comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Both of these are probably Samsung's flagship phones available on Verizon. As you can see, both phones have a very similar profile. They're both very similar in dimensions. I'd say they're about almost identical in terms of the height and in terms on the width, they're very similar and thickness is similar too however the S III is slightly thinner. Design wise, both are very Samsung in the sense that they're both made of plastic and share this curved side profile as you can see on the Nexus and the Galaxy S III. Button wise, they're about the same, volume rockers on the left side, unlocking tab button on the right side, port placement is slightly different. As you can see, on the S III the headphone jack is on top whereas on the Nexus, it's on the bottom. And both of their micro USB and MHL ports are on the bottom as well.

Overall, the Galaxy S III is a very attractive phone. It's very unique especially in this pebble blue. You don't really see too many phones implement a color other than white or black and it has this nice little glossy sheen if you like that. If not, you're just going to feel it's a fingerprint magnet but nonetheless it's still very attractive especially in person. So we're going to go into some software comparison videos. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see more.

Again, this is SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com reminding you that you got it from a geek.

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