What up guys, it's JChunGeek here from AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the AT&TSamsung Galaxy S2 Essential Bundle Package with Black Rubberized Plastic Case, 2 Screen Protectors, Leather Pouch, and a Car & Travel Charger. So here's the basic essential bundle, pretty much everything you possibly need once you get the new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 phone.

So, first thing you probably want is protection for your phone and we have covered here the black rubberized plastic case, a two piece plastic case. Very easy to install. You just snap it with the phone and it’s good to go. You’ll see the cut out for the camera, the speaker, all of that is fully accessible for you. The front screen is entirely open. We definitely know that you want to keep your screen on the front of the phone protected. That’s why we included a two pack screen protector that you probably want to have as a replacement for long time use, and it’s good to always have one as a backup or maybe you might mess up while installing it the first time, so it’s good to have that.

Other than that we included a leather pouch and it will work with that plastic case on it. We actually tested it to make sure of that. So will fit in that pouch, it’s really nice because it is got a nice belt clip so it won’t move around anywhere. Also have that belt loop, if you wear belts it will come in handy and keep your pouch on your side, on your hip, more secure.

And it’s always good to have car charger as a backup. I always keep one in my car I’m not used it every day but that definitely saved me, so it always good to have. And the extra home charger, maybe you need an extra one for your home, maybe one for your office or maybe you're travelling a lot, maybe you lost it, depends on your situation. So it’s always good to have one, this one will work just the same and charge your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 just like the original charger.

I mean, it a great essential bundle, you definitely save a lot more purchasing this bundle than purchasing the items individually, so definitely recommend this to you guys and Accessorygeeks.com, I think they're doing a great job with personalizing this and keeping you guys in mind and thinking about what you guys could possibly need once you get your phone.

But, please make sure this is the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2. There are versions available for the T-Mobile and Sprint as well, but they are different sizes. Please make sure you have the AT&T version. Also if you have the Skyrocket model I727, it’s a totally different model and will not fit this particular case as well. Please double check your carrier or check your box and make sure which version you have.

So, hope this video has been helpful for you guys. Thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from the geeks.

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