Hi what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeek.com. I will be doing a product review for a T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Rubberized Hard Case in Black.

If you are wondering, we do have this particular style of case available in many different colors. So check those out if you guys are looking for something other than black. But I believe, the original T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 phone is black. So if you don’t really want to change the look of your phone, this probably more of you are looking for.

So it is a two-piece case, as you can see there, a front and back case, and all you need to do is simple and installation, you just put your phone in there, snap the two cases together, and it’s going to fit precisely, so this case is designed to specifically fit your T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2.

Now there are many different version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, there is many different carriers with the same name for the phone, so make sure you have the T-mobile version, this is going to fit only for the T-mobile version, so please, please, please,double check on that, so you don’t have to go to the hassle of sending it back, and ordering the correct one, because this is common issue that a lot of customers have, so please be aware of that.

Other than that, this is a very popular case, the rubberized hard plastic case are one of the most popular case that we have, just because it’s easy to use, we have multiple different colors and designs for you guys to switch out, you know if you want to switch your mood, I personally have an iPhone 4s, so I have so many different cases and I like to switch them out every once in a while, so it’s very easy to do that and it keeps your phone protected all the while, so definitely worth it to have.

All the cut out that you need, as you can see here, it has a back cut off for the camera, speaker, and all the ports are open. So as you can see here there are all the cut outs that you need, for the headphone jack, side buttons, power button, and all access.

So basically this means your phone is fully functional while there are cases on it, which is convenient, so you’re still able to charge your phone and all active stuff.

So if you guys need screen protectors, we do have those available, sold separately, and unfortunately this one doesn’t come with screen guard or any sort of built in screen guard, this is are all left open for you. And sometimes it’s hard to tell on the website but, it sold separately. We do have many types available.

Here is some videos for you guys to check out, if you guys have any other questions, these are basically videos on how to remove cases, plastic cases especially, the two-pieceSnap-on kind, actually a bit tougher to takeoff the phone, so I would recommend purchasing a pry tool for the case, actually it helps the get the keys off the phone without breaking the tiny tabs, so it kind of hard to see from the picture, but how it works is, there is a tiny little tab you can kind of see there, click in to the back cover, so that you can you can still keep the slim profile of your phone, so it doesn’t add to much bulk, and this tab is that keeps these case clips on together, so one of these tabs tend to break if you drop the phone, one case will probably fit really loose and tend to come up easily, so the pry tool will help you avoid breaking those tabs, we definitely recommend that along with the screen protector, and that will keep your entire phone protected, while keeping it slim, while still being able to charge your phone, all of that stuff. Definitely recommend this for you guys, good for just everyday use, but if you are looking for more heavy duty stuff or leather pouches or things like that, we have those available as well.

So if you guys have any other question, maybe you have question, is this item is compatible for your galaxy S2, give us call, give us a call, you can reach us at 866-GEEKS-93, it’s a toll-free number, and you also can live chat with us, or sent us an email as well. So we here to help you guys out. Thanks for tuning in. And remember you got it from a geek.

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