Not sure which case is right for you? In this product review DodgerGeek explores the Geeks Protection Line and the Zenus cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Hi there Geeks! DodgerGeek here from and today I am going to be looking at these fine Samsung Galaxy S3 cases. There are two brands here that I am going to examine and compare. So let’s get started!

This first brand is the Geeks Protection Line or GPL for short. This style of case is known around the office as a Diary flip cover. This is basically a hard case, like you see here with an added cover to it. Your phone snaps into place and is fully functional from within the case. Now, as you just saw, the phone simply slips in there. It’s just snug enough where it won’t just slip out and go crashing to the ground. The GPL Galaxy S3 case will protect your phone all around.

Now these cases also come equipped with a card slot as you see here. This is a nifty feature. I like to travel light, so this case would be perfect for me if I had the Samsung Galaxy S3. Slip a credit card and ID in there and only have to grab my keys and be ready to go? Sounds perfect.

These cases are available in 8 different vibrant colors.

Now, the second brand is Zenus. These are made in Korea and have a slightly different design style. This case has a snap closure as apposed to the Geeks Protection Line using gravity to stay closed. These Samsung Galaxy S3 cases are all made of leather.

You will notice that these cases also have a couple more card slots. The snap closure allows the case to be stuffed with more cards and remain closed. I will mention that with four cards and a $5 dollar bill in the case, it has now become a little uncomfortable to hold when it’s closed. It might just be because my hands are on the smaller side, but the case is much thicker now.

The Zenus cases also have an added feature. The kickstand. It folds up and has a magnet in the stand so that it stays closed when not in use. Another very nifty feature of this case.

So you might be wondering, won’t you look like a total dork using your phone with flaps flapping around and cards all exposed? That’s a negative captain! Check this out.

Both of these case makers thought ahead. You can use your phone with the cover down. There is a cut out for the speaker and microphone, so you simply pick up your phone and then close the cover right quick and VOILA! You are using your phone like a normal phone user would. No worries about getting weird looks or your cards stolen!

With all that being said, I think this case choice comes down to preference. I personally would be uncomfortable holding the Zenus case for longer than a minute or so due to the added thickness, so I would personally choose the Geeks Protection Line. However, if you were looking for more card storage and don’t mind the added thickness, the Zenus case is definitely the way to go.
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