If you need more battery life for your Samsung Galaxy S3, you’re going to want to check this out.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery (blue door) now!

Check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery (white door) too!

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Aloha Geeks. DodgerGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and yup. You guessed it. I’m here for a product review on this Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery with door.

This extended battery is 4200 mah. The original battery that came with your Samsung Galaxy S3 is only half that at 2100mAh. So you are basically doubling your battery life with this extended battery. As you may have noticed, this battery is double the thickness of the original battery and this is why the battery comes with a door. Your original door that came with the phone will no longer accommodate the battery. This door is blue but we do have the white one as well.

This battery will take a bit longer to charge than your original battery, obviously, because it is bigger. One way to kind of bypass that long wait is to pick up a Trident charger that we carry. These puppies have a higher output and will charge faster. But we’re here for the extended battery not the charger.

This S3 extended battery and door is perfect for geeks everywhere who are constantly on their phone. If you’re more of a gamer geek and playing on your phone all day, this battery will last you longer. If you’re a business geek, checking emails and making calls, this battery will last you longer. If you’re like me and are a social geek, checking Facebook and texting every other minute, this battery will last you longer. So no matter what type of geek you are, if you’re looking for extended use of your Samsung Galaxy S3, this extended battery is the way to go.

This extended battery is memory effect free, which means it won’t lose it’s ability to hold a charge over time.

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