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Hi, it’s DisneyGeek here with a product review.

What I have in front of me is the S3 Galaxy hard case in transparent clear. And I will demonstrate how to put it on. You just grab the back piece right here and place it on the back of your phone and then you grab the front piece and place it on the front side of your phone. And then you just easily push in the corners and you hear a snap and that means the case is securely on your phone.

And as you can see, it’s transparent so you can see the original design and the original color of your phone. And also, the ports, the volume, the phone jack are easily accessible and it’s very lightweight and it’s very thin so you can pretty much feel the original size and shape of your phone. And it also protects your phone from any scratches on the back right here and it also very durable and stable so remember you can get this at AccessoryGeeks.com and remember you got it from a geek.