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Howdy Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and thanks for joining me today as I take a look at this Samsung Galaxy S3 Rubberized hard case. Now, this review is for this case here with black vines on blue and silver, however, many of the hard rubberized cases we carry on our site are quite similar.

So with that being said, let’s get to the reviewing!

Like, I said, this is a hard case. It has a rubberized finish, which means that it is coated with a rubber like material. This case is not made of rubber. The rubberized finish gives you a slightly improved grip on your phone.

This is a two-piece case, which means it is going to snap together, around your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now one benefit of a snap on case is the front lip. This tiny lip means that when you put your phone on a flat surface, your screen is not going to be touching the surface.

This Galaxy S3 case leaves the ports, buttons, camera and screen open so that your phone is fully functional from within the case. I will mention that this design does look 3-D. The black vines were printed within the top layer of the rubberized coating so that gives it the 3-D look.

Some people have some trouble removing these snap on cases. They hold together very well, but you have to stick your nail in there and potentially break the case. However, you do not need to break your nails or case to get it off! Pick up a pry tool and the case will pop right off!

All in all, this Galaxy S3 hard case is a good buy. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Provide protection for your phone. I have used very similar cases on my phone and have had no troubles. I am pretty clumsy so when I drop my phone, the case takes all of the damage. The corners on my cases get ugly pretty fast, but these cases are pretty inexpensive so I have no issue buying another one.

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