Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek ehre with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing an installation video for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Silicone Over Hard Case with Bottle Opener, ID Holder, and Stand. We have them available in these three colors for right now. We have an all black, black on black, we got the green on black, and also the hot pink on black so we want to accommodate both the ladies and the gentlemen.

So I'll be doing a product review on the green here. Might be easier to show. So here's the case as you could see in the back, there's the bottle opener function right here. Here on the side is where it works as an ID slot holder and also right here is the stand so you can easily just pop that right open and you can, as you could see, it kind of is like that so you have to pull it down and you'll be able to rest it vertically or even horizontally.

So I'm going to install this on this dummy phone right here. We've got a Galaxy S3. So let's start. First I'm going to start by pulling off the silicone so you can easily do that because it is rubber silicone. Very flexible and easy to remove so it is actually a two piece case. What's cool about that is because it offers like a dual layer protection. You've got the silicone for like the shock absorbent protection and the hard plastic case to prevent it from drops and your phone from getting dents and scratches and stuff like that. And the inner lining is like a nice felt texture, kind of like a velvet, and that's to prevent the back of the phone from getting scratched up. You definitely want to prevent that from happening.

So take your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, simply put it in the case and it might feel a little loose and that's totally normal. Then you're going to take the silicone portion, kind of like a puzzle so you're going to have to match it up. So as you can see, everything is going to start lining up. Again it's kind of like a puzzle. So once it's on there, when you flip it over you might say that it's still pretty loose in there. As you can see, the phone kind of comes right out, but there is a trick to it. If you open up the inside of it, there are these tiny little lips right here on the inside and that was specifically designed so you can fit it on the inside of the plastic case. Now this is going to wedge between the Galaxy S3 phone and the plastic and that's going to prevent your phone from moving around. So as you can see, simply installing those tabs between the plastic and the phone, and those are located all around. So as you can see, there's another one up here. You're going to fit that right in between the phone and the plastic and if you continue to go along the lining, you'll see more. Again you put that in between the phone and the plastic. You have to make sure to get all of them and you'll know if you don't get them all because you will definitely feel the phone feeling a little loose in the case. Almost done here. It does take a little bit of time and patience but once it gets on there, probably won't have to worry about removing it for quite some time. If you ever need to remove it, it's actually a lot easier to remove than to install. And that should do it.

So now I'm done and now it doesn't fall out of the case like it used to before. So as you can see it's very very sturdy and so you'll definitely know when it's in there and installed properly. Now you can actually use it as a bottle opener. I wish I had a nice cold beer to crack open right now. Unfortunately it is still work hours and I am on the clock so in about 2 and a half hours, I might be able to use this case. Now to show you an example of how the ID slot works, you simply slide a business card or an ID card or whatnot, this card is a little bit too long but you kind of just fit it in there and slide it in there. You can put in your ID card, your business cards, your membership cards, anything like that will definitely fit in there. And it looks like there is enough room for maybe one or two so your most important cards, you can definitely put in there.

It's pretty much a three for one deal here. You get the stand, you get an ID slot holder and you get the bottle opener. So it's very convenient case. it also has great colors, great look to it, it doesn't add too much bulk to the phone. As you can see, it still has all the cutouts that you need for the camera, flash, speakers, you have full access to your touch screen as well. Very good item. It's very durable as you can see. You can drop it. On the corners it's protected by the silicone. it's strategically designed to protect your Galaxy S3 which I know is an expensive phone and you definitely want to keep that protected. So there it is.

There's the installation video. I hope that was very helpful for you guys. Again, we do have three different color choices for you guys to select from and that will conclude my installation video. So thanks for tuning in guys. leave me a comment, let me know if it worked out for you, what was kind of hard to see and I'll try to fix that for you guys. Alright guys, take a deezy and remember, you got it from a geek.

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