Purchase this is a great vertical leather pouch for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Hi there Geeks. DodgerGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com. Here today to check out this great Samsung Galaxy S3 vertical leather pouch.

This black pouch is a little deceiving. It looks like a typical pouch but when you open it up, there is a hard case sitting there. BAM! This single piece hard case is made of durable plastic. The back has a piece of fitted leather that will keep the back of your phone protected. All of the ports, buttons, screen, and camera are accessible from within the case. And as you just saw, it’s a snap on case so getting your phone in and out is simple.

On the opposite side, there are 2 slots for your cards. I carry my library card and debit card wherever I go, so this is perfect. Just kidding. Actually I tried stuffing the card slots with 5 different cards, 3 in the bottom and 2 in the back. Any more and I think the slots would tear. 3 or 4 can definitely fit comfortably without making the case extremely thick.

The pouch stays closed with a magnetic closure. The charge is pretty strong so you don’t have to worry about it opening on it’s own and your cards falling out.

This case is made of genuine quality leather. The stitching around the border is quite nice and adds a very professional looking touch to it. This pouch is specifically tailored for the Samsung Galaxy S3, so no other phone is compatible with it.

I would recommend this case for our Geek Guys out there who want to make a good impression at work, with the ladies or in life in general. This will give your outfit a polished look and show your attention to even the smallest details! Businesswomen may also find this pouch delightful. Throw on your power suit and get to business with this pouch.

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