Hey guys, SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com here with a comparison of Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

We’re going to go into software comparison of TouchWiz versus stock Android and we’ll start right from the lock screen. On this screen, you see you have options to enter the phone app, the text messaging app, email, or camera whereas on the Nexus, you can unlock the phone and go into GoogleNow or go into the camera. And of course that screen has ridiculous water effects that I should turn off.

Onto the home screens, with the Samsung Galaxy SIII you have seven home screens and a nice little carousel feature which lets you continue swiping through your home screens whereas the Nexus has five and stops right at the end of this little animation. Launchers are a little bit different. If you enter your app drawer, again you have a carousel feature continuing through all your apps whereas the Nexus, if you continue going through your apps, you enter the widgets.

Other differences of course are the physical buttons on the SIII, menu, home, and back and on the Nexus is virtual and go away depending on what app you use. Notification bar is a little bit different on both. As you can see, Samsung did some toggles on the notification bar whereas the Nexus you have to press the settings button to enter your settings. Speaking of settings, I should’ve stayed on that page. But here’s where you can see a different in the visual theme. The fonts and colors are a lot different on TouchWiz. TouchWiz employs a lot of different colors and a different font than the standard Roboto font and theme that you have with stock Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices. You have a lot of blue and this very unified font whereas on TouchWiz you have a lot of different colors, green is the primary color but you have different colors for that and you have more of an Arial font.

Task switcher that Android 4.0 phones have and to get to it from the SIII you just on the home button. These are slightly different. You can slide to close an app however Samsung added in these extra controls to remove all the apps at once or to enter the task manager.

Few other differences are the phone apps. With the Nexus you can swipe left to right to access recent calls or your favorites and contacts. With the SIII, you kind of have to tap. There is no swiping and it is slightly different in that you have a tap just for favorites and tap just for contacts whereas on the Nexus it’s all in one tab.

Camera and gallery is a little different as you will see here. This uses the standard Android Gallery with Nexus and on the Camera actually, you can get to it by swiping over to the left and you can swipe to zoom out to see more pictures and swipe pictures away if you need to. On the SIII, it has Samsung camera software which gives you a lot of different features. You can set different scenes which aren’t available on the Nexus as well as other special camera features. However it doesn’t have the same swipe over to see your recent photos.

Other differences are this Google bar that is persistent on the Nexus phones. Of course it is a Google phone so they want you to use their search engine but you just can’t get rid of it. Whereas on the SIII, it is only a widget that you can move around and remove if you need to.

And of course, other apps Samsung likes to skin themselves so the music is all different, the calendar is actually well done I think if you compare to the stock calendar. The calendar you have on the SIII is a cool little calendar with this little bar that you can switch to different views. The Nexus, it is standard Android with this menu that pops out so pretty cool.

And of course you have Samsung’s S suite of apps so you have S Memo, S Suggest, S Voice. S Memo is something that they put on the Galaxy Note. You can use a stylus or you can use your finger to draw. You can use it to write notes or use it to annotate notes. Pretty cool app. And S Voice as you know, is a Siri competitor. It’s very similar. You ask it “What’s the weather?”, “Set an appointment for me,” whereas Android or on the Nexus, you have Google Now which is pretty cool. And it’ll do voice searches and other cool things like show cards, about the weather, about your commute, sports of course and whatnot. So this should be coming to the SIII once this gets Android 4.1 but for the time being it doesn’t have it.

So that was a quick software overview of the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Nexus. We’re going to shoot some more videos for you guys. If you have any requests please let us know and be sure to check out our other videos on our YouTube channel. Again, this is SportsGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com reminding you that you got it from a geek.

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