These Zenus cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 sure are nice!

DodgerGeek walks you through these fine cases in the product review.

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Hi Geeks. DodgerGeek here with and today I am going to show you a few Samsung Galaxy S3 cases from our Zenus line.

The Zenus products that we carry are extremely well crafted and luxurious. As you can see here, Zenus offers a wide variety of designs and styles so let me walk you through the basics.

First let’s take a look at the type of case that these are. These are all what we call a diary flip case. It’s not hard to see where the name comes from, as they look similar to a diary. And here you can see it flips and now you can see the case. Hence the name, a diary flip case. No matter what design or style Zenus case you pick, the hard plastic case is a single piece snap on case. The plastic case has been covered with the same leather material you see on the inside of the case. All ports, buttons, screen and camera are accessible from within the case. The posterior of your phone will rest easy on the piece of suede like material that lines the back of the case.

All of these cases come equipped with 3 card slots on the inside panel of the cover and one pouch. You can jam pack this puppy as much as you’d like. However, it will change the thickness of the case. So, if you want to keep it slim, I suggest only using a couple of the card slots and maybe the pouch to carry some cash.

These cases also have a small grommet here on the spine of the case. This can be used to attach a charm or even a stylus!

You will also notice that these Zenus cases have a cut out on the front. This is for the speaker. There is also a cut out for the microphone. When you receive a phone call, all you need to do is pick up the call, close the cover and talk. You don’t have to leave the case open and hitting you in the face as you stroll down the boulevard.

Now, as you can see here, we have a few different cases lined up and there are only slight variations between them. However, this might change your opinion on which one you prefer to buy.

This first type has no snap closure. It simply uses gravity to stay closed. No fussing when you need to get to your phone just flip, answer, talk. This second case has a snap closure. This is definitely helpful if you have a lot of cards in the ID slots. The third case here, has a magnetic snap closure. This case does snap closed but it is not as strong as the previous case. However, it will snap closed and stay closed on its own. And this last case only has a magnet, not a snap closure. This case will also stay closed on its own, with the magnet and again, isn’t quite as strong as the second case.

You can also see with these cases that they have different designs on the closure. You have the normal closure here with no design. Next you have the button here, a decorative belt loop here and a decorative belt buckle here.

All of the Zenus cases are handmade with great skill. The stitching on these cases is awesome. If you desire a professional looking case with multiple functionalities I highly recommend these cases to you. They are a little more expensive than our single piece plastic cases however; I feel it is well worth it. Superior protection, a built in wallet, and great style.

If you have any questions regarding these Zenus Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, please contact us using the links below or by calling 1.866.433.5793 Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm PST.

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