Marvel Geek: Well, hello again, Geeky viewers. Marvel Geek here with, this time bringing you the Samsung Stratosphere Rubberized Hard Cases, our product review here. And we got a couple of colors here, with green, purple, and blue for you guys to take a look at. But for those of you who have seen, I’m sure you have seen a plastic case before. But for those of you who haven’t seen a rubberized plastic case, basically, it’s the same thing. Don’t let the rubberized part fool you. It is not a silicone case. It is a hard case. It comes in two pieces here. And it’s got a very thin layer of silicone. It’s hard to see in the video, but we have a very thin layer of silicone here that prevents it from slipping on a table, out of your hands, stuff like that. Very good for those of you who are clumsy like me. Definitely something to look at other than the regular plastic cases just for only a little bit more. But yes, see, we have two pieces here, and let me show you how to put this on. We’ll go with purple because purple doesn’t get enough love. So go ahead and just snap this onto the back there. Make sure it’s nice and secure. And you see we can still slide out the keyboard so far so that’s really great. Most people ask me if you can use the case with a slide-out keyboard and it still lets the keyboard be used, and of course, it does. That’s why we have these here, keep them there, and there we go. We got both pieces on there. It slides in and out really nice there. And it allows for all functions. You can see the entire screen here is open. You can use the volume, easily accessible there especially, even a hook there for charms, camera. You got your port there for your music and the power button. It’s all easy. And then of course, the keyboard. We can use all that function there. Great product there. And your case looks cool now and it’s fully protected. As you can tell, it’s very easy to put on and it’s also very easy to take off. We do have some pry tools available. So your little thin piece here just goes right underneath and helps you pry it off so you can maybe switch to the green if you’d like or go with the blue model. It’s up to you. But we do have a wide variety of colors available and we are getting more products in all the time. So feel free to check it out at And remember, you got it from a Geek.