Hey guys Melissa here from AccessoryGeeks.
What I have with me today is the Samsung Nexus S 4G Phone also known as the Google/Nexus S and some Case options.
So first one I have is your basic black rubberized plastic case.
It is a great way to protect your phone, if you don’t want anything flashy you know to out there.
What is cool about this is it is specifically molded for the Nexus S so everything is still totally accessible, power, volume camera, charging, everything.
Everything is still totally functional.
It is made of a strong ABS plastic so it is very lightweight.
It is not bulky like some other cases out there, so it is really easy to hold.
It also has this rubberized Mac coating so it makes it a non-flip surface.
It is you know a great way to prevent scratches and damage and just daily ware on your phone and this goes for $12.99.
The next one I have is a bling case this to specifically molded for the Nexus S so it fits perfectly in there.
Also if I put it on the right way has still has all the cut outs for everything.
Everything is totally functional and accessible.
It is a great way to kind of add a little style to your phone while still protecting it.
It snaps on very easily.
It is made out with strong durable ABS plastic as well.
It looks really optimum in the sunlight because it is a bling and what is really cool about this case is it comes with a free crowbar.
It makes it a lot easier to get on and off of it.
The last case I have is Argyle Smoke Crystal Silicone Case.
Crystal Silicone is a great case to use.
As you can see it is very flexible but it doesn’t stretch and work out of shape.
You phone flips in there you know super easily like that.
Everything you know still cut outs from most of the things and if it is not there is you know little indents so for like example a power button still accessible.
It has this cool Argyle print on the inside.
This is made of rainforest crystal silicone.
It gives that extra contraction in the surfaces and unlike silicone cases it is very smooth and easy to put in and out of your pocket or purse bag whatever and it is just a great way to protect your investment.
This goes for $9.99 on AccessoryGeeks.com where there is always free shipping and don’t forget that you got it from a Geek.