Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Original SanDisk 2GB Micro SD Memory Card with SD Adapter and Memory Card Reader combo.

So, it’s basically a three item combo. Well technically it’s three items but this item comes together. And 2GB that comes with the micro card reader. So if you don’t have the laptop that has the opening for a memory card but you need one or you don’t have a memory card and this is the perfect bundle for you. This is actually a lot cheaper than if you were to purchase both items separately so it’s a great deal.

All you need to do, it’s really simple to use, and someone, if you guys have an older laptop model that doesn’t even support the high capacity, the SDHC type of memory cards which is usually about 4GB and up, then you need a card reader. This is what you would use to transfer all the data from the memory card to your laptop or PC.

And how it works is, here’s a better picture of it, you just stick your memory card, the adapter portion with the micro SD if you have it. Plug it in there and plug the other portion of the USB connector to your PC or laptop and it should automatically, it’s kind of like a plug in play. It’ll read it and you can start to transfer all your videos, pictures, and other information that’s on your card on there. So it will not only work for cell phones, cell phone data, but it’ll also work for cameras. For all the pictures and camera videos that you’ve taken on your camera, it’ll definitely transfer all that data as well. This card reader is actually the 2.0 version so it’ll transfer files a lot faster.

And for the 2GB, if you’re wondering how much memory it can hold, here’s a better idea for it. You would read this section right here. About 3 and a half hours of video, 1,200 photos, and 250 songs. So if you don’t, 250 songs is quite a lot of music but you could always switch it out and transfer the older songs out and put some new ones in there. You could always transfer the photos out to your PC so you could always have that room in your card, in your memory card so.

Someone who doesn’t use it like all the time or like often but, I think this is perfect for just kind of like moderate use or something.
The card reader though can only be compatible with the Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7 and also the Mac OS X. So be sure you have one of those. It also shows you what types of memory cards the reader accepts. This covers like a wide range of them. Again it has that high speed USB 2.0 certified for fast data transfer. Has an LED indicator that indicates the power and status. And it’s really portable, carry it around wherever you go and it has that neat little cap there so you could keep it protected when you’re not using it. And perfect item.

I think it’s a really good price combo and I didn’t have both of these, I would definitely get the combo as opposed to just the memory card or just the reader. So definitely recommend this item. We do have this available in higher memory card if you’re looking for more memory but still need that card reader. We do have other bundles available here on the right hand side.

So check those out guys and let me know what you guys think. Thank you for tuning in and remember, you got it from a geek.

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