Hi, I’m Carly from accessoryGeeks.com, and today I’ll be giving you review on the Sony Ericsson W580i.
The Sony Ericsson W580i has a camera at 2 mega pixel.
So, it _ and standard to most phone cameras.
And it comes with a video.
So, if you like to record things, the video quality is pretty good.
It all depends if you want a higher quality or you want a lower quality type of video.
Since it’s a ‘W’ phone in Sony Ericsson, it would mean that it has mp3 player.
So, in order to access the mp3 player. The button right here, you press it and it’ll bring you straight to your mp3 program.
However to add actual mp3 songs on list, you would need a memory card.
And the memory card for it would be the M2, not the SD. And the memory card will have to come in here, and just slide it in.
And you’ll be ready to add mp3 players.
Some of you must be wondering, does this phone have Bluetooth? Yeah, this phone has Bluetooth for sure.
That’s one of the major thing, I know, some of you must be looking for with all the Bluetooth headset than what not.
But, the best Bluetooth, I would think, would be good for this mp3 cell phone, would be the Bluetooth stereo headphone.
It easily switches over from your mp3 songs to pick up cell phone calls.
It’ll even pause your music for you, if a cell phone, if a phone call is come in.
And here at AccessoryGeeks we have those..
And for those who worried about talk time, this phone could talk up to 9 hours, for talking.
And for standby, it’s up to 370 hours.
Those hours are only attainable only if you charge it fully within first get it.
What’s not so great about this phone is the keypad.
As you can see, it’s very compact. So, it’s possible to make mistakes when you press something.
Even the keypad itself is a bit compact also,since it is a sliding, it’s really small.
But, since it’s very small, very thin, it fits in any pack pocket.
So, in your purse, back pocket, front pocket, any pocket or slip.
So, what is it that make this Sony Ericsson a bit better than the other older Sony Ericsson phone.
It has newer application added to new Sony Ericsson operating system.
And hopefully they would be added on to the newest Sony Ericsson phone come out.
So, maybe that’s the catch they’re trying to make.
Overall, I will give this Sony Ericsson W580i 8.5 geek points for the way it looks, then it’s very small and thin.
8 geek points overall for use ability.
And 8 geek points for functionality.
So, overall I would tend the Sony Ericsson W580i the third 8.5 geek points.
So, before I go, I like to mention that AccessoryGeeks.com has cell phone accessories for the Sony Ericsson W580i and also the cell phone that you have.
So, comeback next time and see what else we have to say. Thank you.