Hey guys. Sports Geek with AccessoryGeeks.com here today with a product review video of our T-Mobile Galaxy S2 screen protectors and as you see here we have three different types. We have our clear screen protector, our anti-glare screen protector and our mirror finish screen protector. Now all of these are perfectly designed for your T-Mobile Galaxy S2. They have all the cut outs for your phone so that nothing is covered that shouldn’t be covered and I’m going to go through the differences here. So for example unfortunately we don’t have a real Galaxy S II but we do have an Ipod Touch so with a clear screen protector you get un-obscured screen. Everything looks as it should. No really differences except you have a fully protected scratch proof screen. With your anti glare this is going to be a little tough since the plastic is still on the top, whoops! The anti-glare, it does kind of cut down on the glare above. The top plastic isn’t really helping out, but I assure you especially if you watch our screen protector virus guide video that the glare is minimized with this screen protector. And finally, we have our mirror finish, again, plastic not helping out, but it does create, let me turn the screen off— full mirror effect. You can see your webcam right here, but the screen is still very visible especially when you view it at a direct angle it has as it wasn’t there at all it is really tough to tell. So for all these three screen protectors are a great buy if you just purchase a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 even though it has some of the hardest glass on any phone the screen still could scratch but the small particle or small piece of dust so with the screen protector you can assure yourself that no small hairline scratches will occur. So please shop around for other T-Mobile Galaxy S2 with Accessories in addition to screen protectors all our products come with everyday free shipping so shop around and I hope that you will find what you are looking for. Again, this is Sports Geek for AccessoryGeeks.com reminding you that you got it from a geek!