Hey guys John here again with accessoygeeks.com. I’m gonna continue on with this Mobile 7 coverage that we have going on over here. I’m gonna show you some of the UI elements of couple applications.. That’s on the HTC HD 7 and also on windows phone 7. So I’m gonna get started. I’m zooming a little, little bit so you guys get a better view of everything. So I’ll unlock, and like I said the big thing with windows phone 7 does in cooperate a lot with of the Metro UI skin. The Metro UI skin if you guys not familiar with it is something like this. So how you can swap between each one of the headset of cool interface at the top. One of the cool apps that takes advantage of this is twitter. So I’m gonna show you some twitter channel. Let load up for a second. And there we go this is actually really nice UI or you know it is Metro.. But a great way on how they set up twitter with windows phone 7. It’s a lot maestro than that of Android or IOS or even Blackberry, Blackberry is pretty horrible. But like I said it’s really cool how it in cooperating a lot of the element in Windows phone 7 across a lot of application. One of the down falls as you can imagine is once I exit out of this. And I open it again it is gonna start to load so there’s really know multitasking. Kinda starts over again. So that’s one of the down falls I would say but.. pretty cool I think this seems goes with our facebook. I don’t have it link to it now. Another thing I wanna go over is let’s see we can do our zune which is extremely nice. Let’s see.. so you have your music with videos right now, also we have dark knight I believe.. And that is the camera the mirage watch in the mirror or the phone. And one of the things that I notice is you can’t really fast forward to certain areas by pressing it. You actually have to hold it down. And let it fast forward all the way through. So actually you’re gonna get 2 hours and 30 minutes I would have to hold it down for 2 hours and 30 minutes. So it’s kinda a bummer. Let’s go back to our music interface. You have podcast, radio, you’re actually have a market place. Zune market place. I’m not too familiar with it. I use itunes. I’m serious man behind the camera. So Cee-Lo Green pretty sure all you guys have heard the songs. So there’s a zune market place like I said this is probably one of the nice little looking music market place. That actually really that’s available and we have our music. Let’s see we’re playing with the doors earlier, and that you can’t just go in.. You have albums going with the Metro UI, you hear the songs. And click here.. and would play.. unlike the fast forwarding feature you can’t really go to certain part of the song pretty much up to the hold it the way through. So like I said it’s kinda burnt. And nice still press forwarding. So this actually have a multi tasking if you wanna set up cause you can actually go online to accessorygeeks. While music plays in the background, so I guess it’s a plus with the windows phone 7, I guess it get one thing right. Or couple things that’s kinda being Kicky. So I’m gonna go and turn the music off. And let’s see what else you guys like to see, the market place? Pretty into market place as well, really nice design. Let it load up. And it will load up eventually. There we go.. and we have our ap you hit the search button on the bottom.And sure to make a comment about earlier about the search right there. You hit the marketplace search, so take note of that. Oww another cool ap that I saw was maps. Click on maps it actually really cool as far as how it zooms in the interface that it uses, see if I can do setting. Delete history, delete… ok let’s go back. And there we are, so if I zoom in I actually go to a school of animation, I zoom in some more, zoom in some more.. Some more cool animation and that’s pretty much gonna be a couple that up sets use on the HD 7 using windows phone 7. Pretty robust they do utilize the metro UI across a lot of their application so that’s gonna be a plus. And a lot of you do like with that looks, twitter looks or gmail account look. So I’m gonna go ahead and see what else you guys wanna see covered. But until next time. This is John with accessorygeeks.com reminding you. You got it from a geek.