Hi guys John here with accessorygeeks.com. I’m gonna continue with our window phone 7 coverage using our HD7. I’m gonna go over how the system handles the notification . And also how well the onscreen keyboard works. That’s probably one of the best thing that I took away from windows phone 7 is.. they have an extremely responsive keyboard that I’m actually really becoming a fan of using it. And I usually prefer with Blackberry Curve. So actually you know a good substitute and if not better in my opinion. But let me go ahead and get into this. So as you can see we have our hubs right here for messaging and google mail. I’m gonna show you how google mail works. So we have this hook up with our gmail account at. And let’s go ahead and message our selves garygeek@gmail.com test or yest. And let’s go and send it and I go back to the home screen. Just wanna show you guys an idea of notification system with this. So we’re gonna give you a couple minutes or a couple seconds and see how. Ow that’s you.. we got the email. So I would go here and show you how you google mail. Now the mailbox is actually well designed, it’s following the metro UI that windows actually pushing through a lot of aps with twitter and facebook. So we go over that later in another video but yeah.. so this is pretty much it. Pretty cool and like I said you saw how the notification were sent you the hubs. So let me go and show you texting and how that works. I’m gonna go ahead and send text messages to this phone right here. And it works similar to the android OS with the notification bar hand at the top, but it’s not quite the same. So.. we have the text that get in.. there we go..The little smiley face winks at you which is kinda creepy. You get one message and you get garry geek sending a text or a test to see we’re going here. And gary geek.. And there are all the text messages that I sent earlier or drop in. So that’s pretty much it as far as how it handles text messages notification and email notification, but I do wanna show you how great this keyboard is. Now it does use an onboard keyboard or onscreen keyboard but between landscape and portrait you can tell, as you expect. But this thing is extremely responsive let’s see this is a.. here we go.. a quick test on how great … Ups get along. This is a quick test on how great this keyboard is. With the exception that you’re pressing the wrong, or selecting the wrong choice again.. That’s here we go it’s a really responsive keyboard It’s probably one of the best one I’ve ever used, like I said. And I think they head on the nail with the keyboard on this Windows phone 7. But that’s pretty much gonna wrap it up with the notification and texting on this HD7 With the windows phone 7 OS. I’m gonna continue with some more videos. But until next time this is John from accessorygeeks.com reminding you. You got it from a geek.