Hey guys John here with accessorygeeks.com. And look what we have here the new Windows Phone. We actually picked up this HD 7 from our local T-Mobile store. And we’re gonna do a quick unboxing followed by an initial overview of this new OS that everyone is somewhat excited about. So let’s get started with the unboxing and we’re gonna pull this out. Wow. Nifty little box right here. Two piece design. And we have the HD 7 It is pretty nice actually. Here is the quick overview of the phone. Really cool built, this infamous kickstand looks like it’s a dual LED flash with a 5 Mega Pixel camera HD 7 it is a windows phone. So here we go. There is the back button in the windows button search, and HTC from T-mobile. This is the rest of the box and inside I believe this is where all the user manual junk is.. We pull that’s out and see what’s in here, we have nothing else, we have what is this? Start guide ridge recycling program, warranty, all that stuff. Software license and their own sim card. Let’s get this out of the way. And let’s we what we get in here. We get this cool HTC charger that they’ve been including in a lot of their products. I’m gonna pull it up right now. Here we go… nice little HTC charger. Has a USB port obviously for the data cable. We have a hands free, I’m not gonna open this because pretty sure it’s a normal handsfree. And our data cable which I’m going to assume as a macro usb I probably would bet money on that. And it is a macro usb and I open up the headset just for the sake of it. And let’s see what we get. It’s a mission. Ok Here we go.. nice little HTC headset 3.5, so here we go. Quick unboxing not much to it so you have seen unboxing before. But let me go ahead and get this baby started, we charge if it’s not actually started let me get charge and then we’ll go ahead and do our initial overview And then I’ll also put it against our Android and Apple phone and all that great stuff that we have here at the office. But when we do quick unboxing we’ll let you guys know we have the phones. So if you have any questions or the request we’ll put up in the next video. Let me know and I’ll address them. Till next time this is John from accessorygeeks.com reminding you. You got it from a geek.