What’s up guys, John here with accessorygeeks.com. I’m gonna do a quick overview on video chatting with the MyTouch 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G so first program we’re gonna use is Tango, Now the video quality on Tango is a little better than the kick but the sound quality is not that great. So I’m gonna go and dial one of our co workers, and see what we get. Wow there he is … Going pretty good , there I am, bottom of the corner are you sitting outside with Hendrick Yes.. He is one of the guys who just mix the blogs out there. But … this is a video chatting on tango, it’s actually really good, I’m gonna go ahead and hang up and show you how it looks on kick. Let ‘s go ahead and run kick, and there’s mr Julian again. And there we go. So looks like the video quality on kick is a little better, sorry for the feed back , but the audios usually kinda questionable. That’s all, bandwith video chatting with this two programs. I might be doing something wrong but from my experiences it’s not been running too great. But that pretty much about it. Here is the video calling on the Epic 4G and the MyTouch 4G. If you guys have any questions just give me some feedback in the comments and try to answer the best I can. Untill next time this is John from accessorygeeks.com reminding you. You got it from a geek.