What’s up guys John here with accessorygeeks.com. I’m gonna show you the new MyTouch 4G. we’re gonna do a little unboxing and we’re gonna over the speck and what not in later video. But I wanna give you an idea what comes in the package once you get it. So here we go. Pretty neat little packaging. I must say that out of all the unboxing that we’ve done or out of all phone unboxing that we’ve done, this is probably one of the nicest . so here we go. So we open this guy up. And there’s our MyTouch 4G which is a lot nicer than the pictures make it out to be. It feels really good In your hands, it’s really solid, it has good weight to it. Doesn’t’ feel flimsy like the vibrant by any means. And there’s a front facing camera that the ones static about. LED flash and the other camera. I’ll go with the features as shown in a different video. So I will proceed with those in the box, so .. we have user’s manual, our sim card, getting started guides, My Touch 4 collection that things goes over all the accessories. Pretty sure we care it is as well as better one on accessorygeeks.com. User Manual, or terms and conditions and what not. Here is a return label, I think. Whatever.. And the last some of the accessories. So you wanna get these accessories for your headset, if you change the size or what not. Here is your charger which looks kinda cool actually. Let’s see… it’s in there. .. there is your USB port, really nice looking charger, and let’s see, let’s see these.. cool little airbud, here we go… here are the HTC air bud, they have a mild finish tone, it’s actually really nice, kinda cool. And let’s see, I’m pretty sure the next one is gonna be the USB data. Here we go, USB port, Micro USB, and that goes like this. So let’s gonna do it for our quick unboxing, this is not much to it. This one I just wanna show you guys what comes in package once you buy it from T mobile, my believe the phone is $ 449 without contract and $ 199 with your agreement. Here is the phone again and I will be doing in depth review of the UI and the features of the phone . Till next time, this is John from accessorygeeks.com reminding you. You got it from a geek.