Hey geeks. Dodger Geek here for AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m doing a product review on our AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Screen Protectors. As you can see I have 2 different ones ready. One is the anti-glare and the other is just a premium. The premium, do come in two-pack and they are double the fun so if you have a friend who maybe has the Galaxy SII as well you can share or you can keep them for yourself whatever floats your boat. But the difference between the two is the end result so with the anti-glare one if you are out on the sun or if you are in a brightly lit room this will diminish the glare that you see on your screen. Some people are really annoyed by that. I know one of my friends hates it when he can’t see his screen completely at all times at any time of the day. So he does use the anti-glare and he swears by it. For myself, I don’t really have a problem with glare. Too often so I just use a premium on my phone and these are just as great. They just don’t have the anti-glare feature and like I said these do come in, in 2 packs. Both of these screen protectors also come with a micro fiber cloth that will help you clean off your phone before you apply your screen protector to make sure there is no lint or dirt left over on your screen so it is a clean application. They also come with a plastic scraper and are used to get the bubbles out once you do apply your screen protector on to your Galaxy SII. So as you can see all of these screen protectors have a one and a two. So this is meant for application. When you put these on your phone what you are going to do is pull the number one tab first and you are going to place the screen protector on your Samsung Galaxy SII and then you use the plastic scraper to scrape out all the bubbles and I do suggest doing this before you take off the number two tab because you don’t want to scratch up your screen protector before you even use it. So do it after you put number one you peel it and you stick it on and then once you’ve gotten all your bubbles out go ahead and peel off number two and you are good to go. It takes all of a few minutes. I do suggest going into your bathroom and turning on the hot water so it creates some steam. The steam will grab the lint and dust in the air and it will make it drop so when you apply your screen protector in the bathroom with all the steam. You don’t have lint and dust dropping on your phone while you are applying it. I am a little bit OCD about that so it drives any crazy when there is one bubble in the middle and I just can’t get it out because there is a piece of lint and so grab your Samsung Galaxy S Screen protectors go in the bathroom and apply it in there. That is my personal recommendation and then once you are ready to take it off let’s say you have used it for a few months or maybe a year and it is looking kind of grimy you can just peel it right off. It comes off and although there is adhesive on the screen protector when you remove it none of it will be left behind so it is very clean and easy application and removal. These are extremely low price on AccessoryGeeks.com. I mean like I said this 2-pack is a great deal for you and your friend or just you if you have kids constantly touching your screen and they have dirty fingers I am in that situation a lot and I would not leave my phone without a screen protector for a minute with them so this is really easy way to keep your phone looking great for awhile. You can find these and a few others on Accessory Geeks.com and remember you got it from a geek!