Hello there. This is Karen from AccessoryGeeks.com and I am here to show you the screen protector section on our website AccessoryGeeks.com and I have three screen protectors to show you. I have the mirror effect. I also have a clear and an anti-glare. The anti-glare goes for $7.99 on our website. The clear one is $6.99 and the mirror effect is a little bit more for $7.99. These three screen protectors are made to fit the Samsung Stratosphere i405 and it will fit it perfectly and we stand by our products and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the products you can also contact us at CS at AccessoryGeeks.com. Now as for the features for our product for these featured products this is a mirror effect screen protector. Let’s take it out and I’m not sure if you will be able to see, but the mirror effect right there, that is my camera right there and you will be able to see that right there and you will be able to check yourself at anywhere restaurants make sure there is nothing on your teeth. This is the anti-glare and you can’t really tell but there is no glare to the screen protector, actually because of the screen there is but once you actually put it on your phone there won’t be and this is just a clear and the clear one is $6.99 and they all come with a squeegee card which is right here with a squeegee card to get out the bubbles and the cloth with all three screen protectors for you. Now for $6.99 to $7.99 I would say this is a really great investment for any type of phone that you have especially if you like to put your phone in your purse definitely a great protection for your phone. It is a very small investment again and I would definitely recommend these any of these three products. Now, please do keep in mind that the mirror effects is slightly thicker in materials so if you use a plastic case you might not be a slight issue with the fitting, but it is something that I would definitely recommend and you give it a try. These and these three are very great in quality and I would definitely recommend these. I can’t emphasize enough how much I would recommend our screen protectors. It is the first thing I would get and if I was to get a new phone today and all three are available on our website at Accessory Geeks.com and you can also find very useful coupons on our website if you search under coupons and you will be able to see the specials that we have going on. We have a lot of specials actually going on and a lot of times it includes the screen protectors and if you join us on Facebook or YouTube there is a social media coupon that is available for anyone for you to use so I would definitely recommend it. Now, if you have any questions please do contact us at CS at AccessoryGeeks.com and this is Karen from AccessoryGeeks.com. And remember, you got it from a geek!