Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. This one is the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 hard cases. We have a lot of different colors but I’m only showing you these solid colored ones right now – except for the transparent one, this is just regular plastic hard case that will fit the T-Mobile version so make sure that you know that because the AT&T one is actually different. This is T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 hard cases. The prices vary but the solid colored ones are $9.99 while the other ones with the patterns and stuff they are $12.99. Depending on which color you want, we have a lot of other designs other than the solid colored ones but the ones that I’m showcasing to you right now is just the solid colored ones. I personally like the white one. I’ve always gone white cases, like if only my phone, the T-Mobile G2 is not gray I would actually prefer having that in white. But these are all the rubberized hard cases available from accessorygeeks.com. These are actually by Luxmo. Nothing too fancy about these but it’s so simple and it serves its purpose – hard cases are generally known to protect your devices, in this case the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2. For me personally I believe that the hard cases are better built for scratches instead of drops while the silicon skins are actually for drops more. So if you put the phone with the case inside a bag more and like in your pockets with your keys hard cases are the best bet because they actually protect it from scratches so the cases are the ones that are going to get hurt, not your phone, and it comes in a variety of different colors. Think of it as protecting your phone while looking good at it. It’s like a dyed armor. We have the purple one right here, this is kind of like a darker purple, I don’t know if you guys can see it with the camera; and this is the hot pink one, the hot pink on is not bad, actually the color – like the sheen and everything looks really nice. This is the rubberized feel so you have a little bit more like a better grip than the regular hard plastic cases. This is the matte black, the blue, the red, the white, and also the clear one right here. We actually have over 25 right now, over 25 different designs available on the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 hard case section already so check it out in the links down below. Again, the price is from $9.99 and up. If you actually apply the coupon code from the social media, it’s the 15% off and you have to ask one of the geeks for the coupon code. It’s actually cheaper than $10 and it comes with free shipping because Accessory Geeks has always been shipping items for free. And so us a favor as well, if you’ve gotten one of these before please write a review because every approved review will get five geek points and you also have to sign up for the point membership program. You can actually claim – like if you have 25 geek points you can actually claim for a free screen protector so rack up those points, write up the reviews for Accessory Geeks. Yes, I would recommend this item for people that have the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.