Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Exclusive Tphone Eco-Design AT&T/Verizon Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S Hand-Finished Wood Hard Case Stand with screen protector in the brown teak wood color.

Now this product is 100% real wood and it is again, hand-finished. And it comes with a screen protector so you wouldn’t have to purchase one separately. And it also doubles as a stand so it’s kind of like a 3 for 1 price which is a really good deal. It’s really unique because no one else in the world will have the same type of case as you, the same type of finish. It is made from real wood and they cut it so that every cut is different, it has a different look to it. Just like zebras, all zebras have different stripes kind of like that, kind of concept.

It’s really easy to use and install on your phone. You just slide it right in and it’s good to go. So really easy to remove the case whenever you do need to remove it. It might add a little more bulk but again, you do want that to be protected but it should still be a good size for you to put, take in and out of your pocket or place it in your pocket or purse. Definitely going to protect it from scratches from your keys or whatever it is that you might carry in your pockets or purse. Comes in a real cool packaging like this so it prevents from getting damaged in transit. As you can kind of see here, you can see the thickness of the wood case. Kind of compare it to the actual iPhone 4. But none of the ports or anything like that are obstructed so you still have full functionality of the case while the phone is in it so you don’t have to remove it for anything. You can still charge it while it’s in the case and still listen to music and take pictures and things like that. Everything is fully functional. And the stand, you just pull it out and you can just use it horizontally, I believe it only works horizontally. And again the bottom is entirely open like that so you can charge your phone. And this particular one will work with aftermarket chargers. Here’s some close up pictures of it.

And a lot of the other wood type cases that are out there are not made of 100% wood. They’re actually just kind of like a wood pattern or design that’s printed on top of a plastic so if you really want the genuine thing that’s made of real wood, then this is the product that you’re looking for. It’s not made of plastic so if you see other sites that sells it for a lot cheaper like $5, 6, 7, 8, I guarantee that it’s not real wood, it’s probably just a wood design. So we do have other designs, other colors of the wood available just for the Bna Nature logo here on the left hand corner. And we do have different, we do have engraved wood cases, we even have these checked teak wood cases that you can see on the right hand column and coconut wood. We have different types. So, we have one to accommodate almost everyone and we like to keep a lot of those options for you guys. So we try to bring in every type that’s available out there.

So, again, here’s some more description about the item. It does have the built-in stand for comfortable viewing. It includes a screen protector and it has a natural subtle wood scent. So yeah, it’s definitely a unique item. No one else will have the same piece as you so it’s kind of like exclusive like it says in the title.

So we’d love to know what you guys think about it. Check it out. And, remember, you got it from a geek.

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