AccessoryGeeks Trident Aegis HTC Amaze 4G Hard Cover Silicones

Hey what up guys this is JchunGeek here with and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Original Trident Aegis HTC Amaze 4G Hard Cover Over Silicone Case with Screen Protector in black.

So this has got somewhat the same kind of concept like the Otterbox case which also has a dual layer. So how it works is the two pieces is separate. It's kind of hard to see here but it's two different separate pieces. One is all silicone and the other one is a plastic case. The front portion, you'll see there, along with the bumper corners, that portion is also silicone so you'll have to apply that on first and then snap the plastic case which is the darker black on here. You snap that on top of the silicone case so you have a dual layer protection and the plastic case on the back. It's actually easier for you to remove in or out from your pocket and if that’s where you normally keep your phone or in your purse and your backpack, or anything else, briefcase maybe. It has a cut outs for your needs, for your camera, speaker, the screen is open but it does come with the screen protector film for you apply. Very simple to apply on there that way the entire phone front and back is entirely covered and protected.

And it comes with nice and detailed packaging so it stay protected while it's in transit to you. And it has half the cost of an Otterbox case. Very compatible item and it’s very similar and if you ask me what the best protection with the reasonable price, this is the item that I would highly recommended to you. So as you can see, it’s made that the corners have that extra silicone bumper protection so that it remains protected and is made this like rubberized plastic so it still provides a better grip so it doesn’t slip out from your hand.

This one is all black and we do have different colors available as you can see here at the right hand side, there is black and blue. If you keep searching for it, I believe that we have the green and pink as well. So it’s a very nice color because it like has the blue accent as a nice touch and it’s not too much bulk for the HTC mobile phone. Check it out and let me know how it works for you. Alright thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from the geek.

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