Buy the Trident Aegis Motorola Droid RAZR M dual layer case in black today!

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Hey guys, SportsGeek with here with a product review video for you.

We have the Trident Aegis Motorola Droid M hard case. This is a dual layer case. It has a silicone inner skin and a polycarbonate outer shell. Inside it comes with a screen protector with the application card and a cleaning cloth so that’s a little bonus.

So installation is really simple, Slide the phone into the silicone skin. As you can see the fit is pretty snug. Then you’re going to slide the phone and the skin into the outer shell. Make sure these port covers line up. Just kind of snap it in and then pull the port covers if you need to adjust it. So as you can see all the ports are accessible. You have a cover for the SIM and micro SD slot. You have a cover for the micro USB slot and you have a cover for the 3.5mm headphone jack. Overall it’s a really solid feeling case.

This is a really thin phone and you’re definitely adding a bit of bulk here but if you want complete protection this is one of the better cases to get. You can probably drop it from three to six feet and be absolutely fine, you won’t get a scratch on your phone. You’re not going to damage it so the trade off is worth it if you are on the clumsy side.

Again this was the Trident Aegis Motorola Droid M dual layer case and it’s available on so be sure to check out our website and our YouTube channel for more videos. Again, this was SportsGeek reminding you that you got it from a geek.