Hey guys this is yours truly JchunGeek here with the AccessoryGeeks.com and today I am doing a product review for the original Trident Aegis Sony Ericsson Play Hard Cover Silicon case with Screen Protector in Black.

This is pretty well known and upcoming brand, named Trident and i would compare them to make it like a Otterbox except, I believe trident more affordable so if you’re looking for the heavy duty case that fit your budget i definitely recommend Trident for you.

This particular one is design all black so you can see that. It has black silicone with the black hard case. So how this particular item works is that the silicone case will go over your Sony Ericsson Play first and then you will attach the plastic snap on case over the silicone. So you see here that it does have the silicone bumper protection and it also have the dual layer plastic case to protect your phone as well.

This particular item does come with the screen protector so you do not have to purchase one separately. And it comes with everything that you need, the squeegee card along with the micro fiber cloth to move all the dust, before applying the screen protector. And there is the better picture in a different angle. So as you can see, does add a little bulk to your phone but if you looking for protection then this is definitely the way to go. You’re still able to slide the phone case so you still have access to all your charging ports and all the functions and the buttons which you need. So you can keep your case protected while it’s in the case and you can still use your phone.

And again, this is only compatible with the Sony Ericsson Play and if you click in the description tab there’s more detailed explanations of the case. So again its fully encapsulated which mean your entire phone case is protected. Distinctive construction. Again it was made very durable material so that your phone remains protected doesn’t made get damage if you dropped it on the floor so definitely it’s going to last a long time. You don’t have to purchase any other case for a while. Again it has dropped protection system it has four corners of double thick silicone and basically it has the bumper protection shock absorbing design as well and the plastic case has the anti skin a matte type of finish so if you were to carry it in your pocket it is still easy to take it out of your pocket it’s not going to be as tough as a silicone case or anything like that. So definitely I would recommend this to you if you have Sony Ericsson Play we do have them in different color so check those out at as well. Trident is also known for making a variety of colors that sometimes people look for whereas Otterbox only makes most of the time just black.

So hope you guys like it hope my information has been helpful and remember you got it from a geek!

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