Hey everyone! MarvelGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com. This time we are going to talk about the Trident Aegis T-Mobile G2X Anti-Skid Hard Cover over Silicone case.
This is a great case. I have an Aegis case on my phone as well. I really know and appreciate the value of this case. It doesn’t come only in black, it comes in multiple colors but this is the black model.
As you can see on the back there in the middle, it’s a plastic outlay and as you can see on the bottom there, it has a different shape of black and on top if the silicone inlay that provides a better grip when you hold onto it as well as protecting the phone from shock if you dropped it on the ground. It has all the opening for all ports on the bottom. As you can see, there’s the opening for the charger, your camera, and everything on the front, camera, the sensors are all wide open. It’s fully functional for the screen and you can see no buttons that are impaired there. Really awesome product. Makes the bundle a little bigger but it’s really well worth it. It’s one of the best protection on market for the price. And Aegis is well designed so it’s easy to slip in and out of your pocket as well. The plastic is not a hard sticky plastic and is neither a silicone. While it is shock absorbent, it’s in the right spot so it doesn’t stick in your pocket.
I’m a big fan and I think you should be too. Something all around for your G2X. I guarantee you would not find anything else that is better than this case. I’m personally a big fan so I would like to take a look at that as well and it’s the Trident Aegis T-Mobile G2X Anti-Skid Hard Cover over Silicone Case.
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