Hey what’s up this is JchunGeek with Accessorygeeks.com, and today I’m going to be doing a product review on the Original TurtleBack Premium Motorola Barrage V860 Heavy Duty Nylon Case w/ Steel D-Ring Belt Clip in Black.

If you are listening to this or watching the video and you are probably from a normal or big company or you got a lot of company phones, handed out to your employees the Motorola Barrage v860 and you need a heavy duty case. Well this is probably the product that you are looking for. This is one of the best heavy duty case that we have available. It is made by TurtleBack, made in USA, it’s a lifetime warranty so great investment for this especially if you are working in a construction or maybe you are an electrician, working on that type of field and you find yourself in a harsh conditions and you always have to keep your phone close to you and don’t want to get it damaged then probably you would like to look at this item.

So let me get in more detail for this, so as you can see here it has that steel D-Ring belt clip and its very sturdy. And actually I have seen this product by myself, it’s really tough to get it off. It does swivel, things like that and again it’s tough to get it off there. So it will not get ripped off easily like the other ones that are made.

It also does have button up here so it’s easy to put on your phone, you can detached it and you can apply the front screen first and then the back and you can just snap it on top. So it’s easy to install and it has the plastic over on the front and also the inside to protect your case and your screen as well.

Again this is the best heavy duty case that we have, always recommend this one and hardly getting any problems and again you do have a life time warranty. I think if it happen to rip or whatever the case may be they will replace it for you at no other cost.

So you are fully access to your phone while it’s on this case, you are able to charge it, you are able to talk, access to buttons and screen, don’t have to worry about that. Again it’s made of premium durable materials, probably what you will be needing the most. Definitely worth the price, my opinion. And I would recommend if this is what you`re looking for.

Again, it’s going to be compatible for the Motorola Barrage V860. We do have more of these heavy duty TurtleBack cases available, I think we have this one for, like the leather material as well if you`re looking for a little more of leather texture, we do have that. We even have body glove cases, mark with the swivel belt clip, if that’s what you are looking for, maybe if you don’t need something so heavy duty like this and just need something basic for every day. We do have everything to accommodate everyone`s need.

For this product, let me know what you guys think, so far we only have one review, I would like to know what everyone else thinks about it. So let me know you guys, if you have any questions, please feels free to give us a call, at 866-433-5793, the phone number`s located above here or you can free to live chat with us or should you send emails, we would be more than happy to answer it at any questions that you guys have.

Alright guys, thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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