Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our reviews. And today I will review one of our most popular items. This is called the universal charm loop-O rings. It’s really small, I don’t know if you can see it, I’m going to try to see if a little focus will work, right there. A lot of newer Smartphones don’t really have the charm loop – that little hole on your phone where you can actually loop the charm in. Nowadays I guess it not that popular; a lot of people just want their phone, put a case in it, and be done with it. But for those of you who are actually want to accessorize your cell phone of course or actually you can just put this on almost anything because it’s double sided tape, all you’ve got to do is take this out and then stick it to your phone. Like for example my phone right here, I don’t have a charm loop anywhere so if I want to put a charm on this I can’t attach it to anywhere, I can let’s say put it over here around the corner. It’s double sided tape, put it on. This is actually really strong, heavy duty double sided tape so it will stay on for like – I have to let it kind of stick first. And then you have that little O ring part where you can actually loop your charm. This will actually hold probably about three to four charms depending on how you loop it but then you can always loop it on top of the charm itself so you can have more. I’ve seen pictures of like Japanese people where they actually put a lot of charms on their phone so the charm collection is also larger than the phone itself. This thing is really simple, you attach it and then you put it on and you put your charm on. You can actually add a lot of other things, not only the charms. You can also put a strap or a lanyard if you want, depending on the material of your phone. This part of mine is a little bit rubbery, the O ring might not stick that well, it’s actually hard to take it off. I’m going to put it back here. Again, this is the universal charm loop O rings. I’m going to actually look for the price right now real quick. I believe it was – actually if you buy any charm this is free but if you buy it by itself I believe it’s $3.99. It’s always a good thing to have one of these. You can always attach it to any device you want. Buy it at accessorygeeks.com and the link is just down below. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.