Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our reviews. This is another popular item that we’ve been getting orders from you guys. This is the universal battery chargers with an LCD screen in black. We actually have a couple of different colors – the black one, the pink one, and I believe we have a blue one. They’re on sale for $10 each and comes with free shipping within the US and Canada as always. Accessorygeeks.com has been shipping items for free since day one. So what does this thing do? This is actually a universal battery charger. It works for your cell phone, your camera, anything that has a contact point that will fit in here and you can plug it through here. It has actually pretty cool folding blades right there. What you do is – I don’t know if you can see it – you see two contact points right there, the gold pins, you match it up with these gold pins, this is the battery from my G2. Every battery is different. Some of them have two contact points, three contact points, or four. In general you might want to try to have the most outer regions, so the furthest here and the furthest here, and what you do is you flip it to where you think it’s actually going to fir, clip it here so it doesn’t fall, and then just – as soon as it sees a contact point this thing will light up. As soon as that’s done, all you’ve got to is plug it up and it will work. You see the screen is turning blue, take this out, plug it into the wall, and it will charge your battery like normal. I know it is kind of weird, funky that you have to take your battery out but then if you really need to charge something it will work with a lot of different devices. It’s one of those emergency kits that you would actually need or is essential to have like let’s say when you’re travelling and you don’t want to carry like so many different chargers. And when you’re travelling abroad you don’t really need your phone because of roaming charges and everything. So if you want to charge your phone for music play or anything. Anything that you can take the battery out and find the contacts and put it on there it will work. This is a universal battery charger with the LCD indicator right here, LCD screen, so you know if it is charging or not. And it is on sale for $10 at accessorygeeks.com. If you are a social media subscriber like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter you can get our 15% off. This one actually comes in pink and blue so check it out at accessorygeeks.com. Would I recommend this for anybody? Yes, for emergency; I wouldn’t use this regularly. If you carry four or five different items on a daily basis that you don’t want to carry four to five different chargers at the same time, yes I would recommend it. I wouldn’t recommend it for regular use but I would recommend it for emergency use whenever you need a battery charger and you don’t want to carry a lot of different battery chargers. Well, there you have it, the review for the universal battery charger with LDC screen in black. Again, it comes in pink and blue. Check it out. This is Gamer Geek and you got it from a geek.