Hey what's up guys? This is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I'm going to be doing a product review for the Universal Android Speaker with USB/SD/3.5 mm Ports and FM Radio in the black/red color.

So, this is a pretty cool item. It has all the functions and all these, you know, crazy things that it could do. And, it has the micro SD slot here so if you have music on your micro SD, you can just pull it out from your Android phone, probably have an Android, I'm just assuming. You just pull it out or wherever as long as you have music in there, plug it right into this Android speaker, and it'll start playing music from there. Obviously you won't be able to see the track or know what's coming next or whatever but, I mean, you probably have songs on that card that you like hearing anyways, right? So it should work out for you. And it'll probably give you the element of surprise so that'll be cool too.

It also has, as you can see, the ON and OFF button. It has the USB so you can plug that into your laptop to charge or your adapter and it also works as an FM radio. You just got to switch the function. And yeah, it's pretty cool. And surprisingly we did test out one of these and one of the geeks here is in love with Android and purchased a green one. And we were listening to the quality of the music and the sound and it works surprisingly well. It's really clear. It gets pretty loud and it's just a great item to have.

And let's see, here's what the bottom of the Android looks like. It's really pretty small in size but can get pretty loud in here. Some of the cables that it comes with, again you have the 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm so you can plug that into your phone if you want to play music straight from your phone or your iPod or something. Maybe you have a different mp3 and you're totally against Apple. Hey, that's fine with me, I'm not here to judge you so do you. There are the cables that it comes with to charge it and all that, everything like that.

And if you want to increase the volume, you actually just turn the head. The head can swivel left and right so you can adjust and , you know, increase or decrease volume that way which is pretty cool.

So cool item to have. It's, it works as just a novelty thing if you just want to have it at your desk to show off. Show off your love for Android or something like that. Maybe you work for, in the Android company, maybe you make apps for them. This is a pretty cool item. Or, can make a great gift too since it's so universal. But yeah.

Let me know what you guys think. it's a cool item. You should definitely get it. Leave us a review because I would like to know what you guys think about it too. Thanks for tuning in guys and remember, you got it from a geek.

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