Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bringing you another product review for the universal portable cellphone silicon suction ball stand holder and blue.

This is actually a suction ball that can go on the back of your touch screen devices and you can go ahead to watch movies, listen to your music, or watch the picture slide shows. It does hold up to the device up so just put up on the back of your device and use it to watch movies and things like that nature.

This is a suction ball so you will have to go and push into the phone so that the ball can suckinto it. So that you can set the phone up, to whatever you want to stand up, vertical or horizontal.

This is a portable cell phones holder easy to use; it is not going to fall, break or anything like that. This is a small pocket size, so you can actually take it with you on the go, whether you put it on your backpack, briefcase, purse or your pocket.

It is small and pocket size, this available on multicolor, it works best on the crystal silicon cases, glossy surfaces, or the phone devicesurface itself. It still work on rubberized surfaces as wall.

It will not work if the surfaces are en even, so you definitely want to make sure that you are using a level surface to go ahead and place up the item.

And it is also compatible for all phones and devices with the smooth back such as iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC. And again it will not work for any uneven surfaces.

Definitely recommend this for anybody who your kids loved to watch a lot of movies. You don’t want your kids finger are all over the screen, definitely should have the suction ball so you can hold the item up while they are is watching the moves, slide show, or listening to the music.

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Thanks for watching this has been AnimalprintGeek, and remember you got it from a Geek.

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