Hey what’s up guys? It’s JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing another product review for the Universal Battery Charger with LCD Screen in blue/white color. We do have them available in pink, black, and green as well so check those out if you want to fo for a different color but it basically looks like the same thing which is the charging battery.

You have to make sure that the battery contact, the copper contacts, are on the edges of the battery and not on the face of it. We do have an instructional video for you guys to check out if you guys have any further questions. It might give you a better idea. It works quite well and it’ll fit your needs. So check it out and subscribe to our Youtube channel if you haven’t done that already and that would be AccessoryGeeks on Youtube. We also have an instructional video on how to install screen protectors without bubbles and how to maybe get the plastic case off your cell phone if you are having difficulties with that. And those are kind of the most common questions that we get from our customers so we just want to have an instructional video for you guys. Hopefully it makes it more easy for you guys.

This battery charger really comes in handy for someone who may have damaged the charging port on their phone and needs something to charge their battery because they don’t want to purchase another phone because maybe they’re not eligible for an upgrade yet or suddenly just don’t have the funds to spend hundreds of dollars on the new phone. This item definitely works for you. It’s low in cost and definitely would be the charger of the battery and you won’t need to purchase anything else. Again, it’s a different view of the copper prongs. The middle prongs come in contact with the battery so again, you have to make sure that the contact is on the edge of the battery. It needs that for this item to work. This came in handy for me when I’m travelling or even actually just having multiple phones. I had multiple phones at one point and if I want to charge multiple phones at once, this will work for you to do that as well.

So I was able to use this for multiple different situations and scenarios. It comes in handy for people who travel a lot, people who carries spare batteries, extra batteries, and maybe someone who doesn’t have enough time to charge a battery throughout the day. Maybe the extended battery is not available for your phone and you need to charge your battery all the time. This will help you to do that. And comes with a little LCD screen here that would indicate whether your phone battery is fully charged or if you need more charging. So it’s clear and if it’s not connected properly, this picture won’t even come up so make sure it’s connected properly.

Again, we have the video to help you guys out and it’s compatible for most batteries. Check on what the battery looks like before you purchase this item. If you click on the description, we have more specs, specifics about the, you know, the outlist, the AC outlets, something like that. Again, it has the pull out prongs to pull in when you’re not using it so it doesn’t get damaged. It’s easy, it’s portable, and you can take it wherever you go.

I hope this video has been helpful for you guys and I love this particular product. I have the pink one for myself. So we have a lot of reviews for it so leave one for us. We want to know what you guys think about it. Hopefully it might’ve been helpful. Thanks for tuning in guys, and remember, you got it from a geek.

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